What is it like to struggle to say your name or to have others finish your sentences?

Designer Conor Foran battled with his stammer for years, but designing a new book has helped him find his voice.

For his final year project for the National College of Art and Design Conor created and designed a book entitled The Curious Paradox.  

With his book, Conor aims to shed live on living with a stammer.

Conor has struggled with a stammer all his light. He is an avid reader and noticed he never saw anything which represented how he spoke. He set about adapting an existing typeface in order to visualise his stammer.

"When you stammer, there are repetitions, which everybody knows, and elongations, where the word or sound is stretched out. And also, there are blocks or blocks where there’s no sound at all."

The Curious Paradox has earned Conor a nomination for British Book Design and Production Award, the winners of which will be announced next week.