The more things change the more they stay the same - as RTÉ Archives releases a trove of digitised stories from 1985, more than a few will sound familiar to audiences today.

Concern over homelessness

A conference of concerned bodies discusses the plight of homeless youth as set out in a recent report. 

4,000 women travel to UK for abortions

A survey from the Medico-Social Research Board reports that 4,000 Irish women seek abortions in Britain yearly - not including those who give British addresses.

Controversy over water charges

Amid protests over water rates, Fianna Fáil makes it an election issue.

Roads damaged by 'unprecedented flooding'

County council workers repairing a damaged road in Belhavel, Co Leitrim, which had to be closed due to rainfall.

Increased border security

Gardaí and Irish army units on duty at a checkpoint.

Teacher unions meet on pay

The three main teaching unions meet to coordinate a strike plan after the government refused to pay a 10% arbitration award. 

CIÉ reports losses, jobs at risk in shake-up

This report includes an interview with Paul Conlan, Chairman CIÉ, on restructuring of CIÉ and the hope for good industrial relations and future increases in profits.

Anger over plans to change control of schools

Catholic schools management criticises proposals to change the control of schooling

Call for stricter licensing laws

Call for overhaul in the licensing laws and stricter control on sale of alcohol to young people.