As long-classified files on the investigation into the assassination of JFK are released, here is a look back at some of his famous quotes.

'Ask not what your country can do for you ...'

'Let us never negotiate out of fear ...'

'Nobody wonders what Lyndon and I wear'

'A supreme national effort will be needed in the years ahead ...'

More than half a century after Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, the US is due to release the final files on the investigation into the killing that rattled a nation.

Academics said they expected the final batch of files to offer no major new details on why Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down the first and only Irish-American Roman Catholic to hold the office.

They also feared that the final batch of more than five million total pages on the Kennedy assassination held in the National Archives will do little to quell long-held conspiracy theories that the 46-year-old president's killing was organised by the Mafia, by Cuba, or a cabal of rogue agents.