The General Manager of the Kerryman, Siobhan Murphy, has said there are no plans to rename the newspaper with a gender-neutral name, as the brand is well recognised and would be destroyed if it was changed.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today With Claire Byrne, she said the company is responsible for the brand, which is "an honest brand" and one that the staff are very proud of. 

She said it would be wrong to call it 'the Kerrypeople', adding that it would totally destroy the brand. 

Ms Murphy's comments come after the Minister of State for Special Education and Inclusion, Josepha Madigan, called for an end to gendered titles and language, such as 'spokesman' and 'chairman'. 

Speaking on the same programme, Ms Madigan said the Kerryman is a "great independent newspaper" and while it is not up to her to tell media what to do, we should interrogate the words we use in our daily lives and see if they create an unconscious bias. 

She said she said she has spoken publicly about the use of gendered language in the Constitution, in particular around Article 41, and said the public should, in the same way, forensically examine the words we use. 

She said there will always be resistance to changing names, but discussing ways to build greater equality in our society is not something we should shy away from. 

Ms Murphy said the Kerryman has had its name since 1904 and is well recognised locally, nationally and internationally, and that "if something is working and does what it needs to do" it should not be changed. 

The content of the paper has "constantly changed, constantly evolved and moved with the times", she said, adding that there is a danger society could become "too PC". 

Ms Madigan said society has changed and we should not be afraid to look at terms and change them, because many terms and titles were created at a certain point in our history and reflect that time. 

She used the tissue brand Kleenex as an example, saying the company is changing its man-sized tissue product to say extra-large tissues. 

It is about equality, she said, not about emasculating men, adding that a citizens assembly should examine the words that we use as a society. 

Kerry TD Michael Healy-Rae said the Kerryman newspaper is "comparable to the bible" in Co Kerry. 

Speaking on the same programme, he said people will always look forward to reading the local notes and it has "an excellent, important and integral role". 

"Where are we going to stop with this political correctness and nonsense?" Mr Healy-Rae asked. He also questioned if "manholes need to be called a personhole" and how far language will need to be changed to be gender-neutral. 

He said the debate around gender-neutral language would mean every word would need to be examined to make sure that "we are not insulting anybody".