An open day took place today in north Tipperary to encourage communities around the country to embrace the idea of wind-generated electricity.

The event was hosted by Templederry Community Wind Farm, the only one of its kind in the country, which came about from an idea first mooted in 1999 and has been operational since 2012.

The wind farm, about five kilometres from the village of Templederry, close to Nenagh, consists of two turbines which are now generating enough power for the equivalent of 3,000 homes.

Over 30 shareholders from the community jointly own the enterprise which is now generating over €1m annually through electricity production, which goes straight into the national grid. The money is re-invested while 4.6MW of power is supplied from Templederry.

"It's been very successful and recognised by the Department as still the only community-owned wind farm in the country," co-founder John Fogarty said.

"They understand the need for communities around the country to take ownership of energy generation in their own areas."

Paul Kenny of the Tipperary Energy Agency said: "We would love to see communities taking control" of energy generation.

"The technology reduces CO2 by such an incredible amount but also allows Ireland to produce a lot more of our own power," said Mr Kenny.

People travelled from many areas around the country today to Templederry, to see how the project works, and it is hoped that more will set up their own local energy schemes.