Cork University Hospital has apologised to the family of a 58-year-old man who died two days after he was admitted with chest pain.

The High Court heard Philip Leahy of Ballyhooley in Co Cork went to hospital suffering from severe chest pain on the 3 April 2014.  

He was given medication for acute coronary syndrome but his lawyers told the high court a number of tests showed classic symptoms of an aortic dissection which was not spotted in time.

They said if he had been diagnosed earlier, he could have had surgery and had an 80% chance of survival.

Instead he died two days after his admission.

The court was told Mr Leahy was a farmer and local election candidate for Fine Gael and his family and community were distraught by his death.

In a letter read the High Court today, the hospital apologised to Mr Leahy's family for the loss pain and suffering caused by his death.

It said lessons had been learned and acted upon with the aim of ensuring patient safety at all times.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross approved a settlement of €110,000, noting the apology tendered by the hospital and said he was sure it offered comfort to the family.