Plans have been announced to transform Limerick into the country's first Digital city with the integration of a number of public services, the creation of smart homes, smart buildings, energy districts and smart neighbourhoods.

The plan, launched today by Limerick city and county council under its 2030 Economic and spatial plan, is seeking to take advantage of digital technologies, and completely transform the way people access information, education, and cultural and business services.

Over the next two years, it is planned to have 1,000 smart homes, and 100 smart buildings across the region.

It will provide access to 50 new online services, payments, licences, permits and grants under the 'My Limerick' banner. 

Twenty public Wi-Fi zones will be created in 17 town centres across the region, and 40 new smart CCTV cameras are being placed in 14 rural towns to facilitate and enable safer communities.

In addition, 100 sensors will be deployed across the city and county in a new service called 'Insight Limerick' to provide communities with more information about air soil and water quality and levels, pedestrian counting and noise monitoring.

Citizens will also have access to information on over 2,000 attractions, services, community groups and businesses with more than 1,000 events each year on the platform.

The Mayor of Limerick Councillor, James Collins, said the launch of the new strategy was a major leap forward, and was another example of the economic resurgence in Limerick.  

This strategy will support and accelerate the use of integrated digital technologies, new online services, and new channels of citizen engagement and participation.