A review of radiology at University Hospital Kerry is now almost three quarters of the way to being completed.

The review has led to the recall of 72 patients for repeat imaging procedures.

The South West Hospital Group said today that significant progress had been made.

It said: "As of today 73.4% of the review is complete, with the number of images reviewed at 33,950, from a total of 46,235.

"The number of patients whose imaging has been reviewed is 20,367, accounting for 76% of 26,756 individual patients.

"The number of patients who have been recalled for repeat imaging to date is 72."

A team of ten external radiologists are carrying out the review.

The scans and the time frame being reviewed relate to the work of one radiologist, employed as a full-time locum between March 2016 and July 2017.

It got under way in October but only became public through the media in December.

A number of extra radiologists were added to the review team when the review came to light.

Last month, RTÉ News learned that Cork University Hospital, which is part of the same hospital group as Kerry University Hospital, had also cleared a backlog of 2,466 unread plain film scans.

The backlog arose following staffing issues. After the review of the scans, 14 patients were recalled, but there were no cases of adverse outcomes, according to the hospital.

One of the country's leading oncologists has said lessons must be learnt from what happened in both facilities.

Professor Seamus O'Reilly who works at both CUH and The Mercy Hospital in Cork, but also treats cancer patients from Kerry, said X-ray departments must have adequate resources to carry out its work properly.

Professor O'Reilly also said scans are an important part of the detection of cancer and the subsequent treatments which patients may require.

He noted  the review of 46,000 scans requires a lot of resources and asked could the issues which caused the re-examination been identified earlier.

Patients confidence has been affected as the review of their scans has caused uncertainty.

He said we need to move on from this and learn, adding good can come from difficult things.