A second extremely rare giant squid has been landed in Dingle, Co Kerry.

The 5.5 metre-long Architeuthis was caught by the crew of Cú na Mara, during a trawl on the Porcupine Bank, 150 miles west of Dingle.

It is the second giant squid to be brought ashore here by the same trawler in the last two months.

Marine biologist Dr Kevin Flannery said the landing of giant squid in Ireland is extremely rare.

"Only seven have been recorded here since records began almost 350 years ago. The very first giant squid recorded in Ireland was also landed in Dingle, when fishermen brought one ashore in 1673."

Skipper of Cú na Mara, Patrick Flannery, said they had been trawling quite close to where they had caught a giant squid a couple of months ago.

"When we opened the net we couldn't believe it, that it was another one. The lads were very excited. What are the chances of two in the one year!"

Furthermore, Mr Flannery's father, Michael Flannery, also landed two giant squid in 1995, meaning four of the seven giant squid on record have been landed by members of the same family.

"My father has two and I have two. I'll probably have to catch a third now so that I can have bragging rights," he added.

The Architeuthis is a deep-ocean living creature, rarely seen by humans, and can grow to a length of over 12 metres.