At least 20 trucks carrying Irish consumers' Amazon purchases are coming through Rosslare Europort from the continent every day since Brexit came into effect at the beginning of the year.

That's according to port and ferry authorities, who say that importers and exporters buying from abroad are now doing what they can to avoid the UK landbridge, and associated costs and delays, and using the direct ferry services between Ireland and the continent.

Rosslare now has 16 ferry services per week sailing directly to France and Spain, and back, compared to three weekly 18 months ago.

Since the launch of the DFDS ferry route from Rosslare to Dunkirk on 2 January, and the expansion of Stena Line's offering to Cherbourg, there are now seven sailings weekly to Cherbourg from the Europort; six to Dunkirk; one to St Malo; and two to Bilbao in Spain. 

Aidan Carroll of DFDS told RTÉ News that the freight being carried on the Rosslare-Dunkirk route consists of every type of product, and that retail and delivery companies such as Amazon are using the service to avoid the UK landbridge.

"Once they transport between two European ports, Dunkirk and Rosslare, they remain within the single market and the customs union, so it does away with all of the extensive paperwork and costly time delays," he said.

General Manager of Rosslare Europort, Glenn Carr, said the routes from the south-east to the continent "are here to stay" and are a direct response to a demand from business customers.

"We still have availability; we're not 24 hours at the moment. We do intend going 24 hours, we're working with the shipping lines around extra capacity and extra berthing slots being available and we'll certainly be in a position to welcome more sailings into the port going forward."

In the Rosslare area, businesses have welcomed the boost in traffic going through the port and the town.

"There's a huge uplift in freight coming through Rosslare Harbour," Eamonn Lawlor of the Daybreak Texaco service station, overlooking the port, said.

"There's a lot more personnel around the area, there's been a big increase in traffic and in people working in Rosslare Harbour, so it's been very beneficial."

As a result they're selling more coffee, more deli products, more drinks, and other staples of convenience stores.

"We're investing here now, putting about €150,000 in over the coming months, we're going to be redeveloping the shop."