A group of around 40 farmers have staged a protest outside a Kerry Foods factory in a row over the labelling of chicken.

The meat in question is Denny’s Slowed Cooked Chicken Slices, which is labelled as being "Made in Wicklow".

However after questions were raised earlier this week about the origin of the chicken, the company said it came from the Netherlands.

Farmers from the IFA have gathered outside the factory in Shillelagh in Co Wicklow.

They are calling for the country-of-origin to be clearly stated on the labelling, in order to stop what they say is the misleading of Irish consumers who thought they were buying locally-produced food.

They are also demanding that the company give a commitment to buy more Irish produced chicken.

In a statement, the company said the packaging fully complies with the strict EU labelling regulations.

It said the "Made in Wicklow" claim refers to the product being cooked, cooled, sliced, packaged and labelled in Co Wicklow.

It said the chicken is fully prepared and packaged on the Shillelagh site, where 750 people are employed.

The company had initially said the poultry was from Brazil but later clarified that it came from the Netherlands.

Kerry Foods also said that the consumption of cooked chicken in Ireland is predominately breast meat, and this creates an imbalance in requirements.

It said to ensure it can always meet its demand and provide consistently high quality, it sources chicken breast from its EU approved suppliers.