The Irish Government is planning to change Irish Aid's name to be more "respectful" and "reflective" of its work.

Irish Aid is the Government's programme for overseas development, including programmes on fighting global poverty and hunger.

Minister of State for Overseas Development and Diaspora Colm Brophy is expected to announce the change in a speech at Iveagh House later this morning.

He will tell a group of NGOs that the name change will better reflect the work being carried out.

The minister will also say that there is an onus on the development sector to make sure that language and imagery does not "unconsciously reinforce negative stereotypes of the people and places".

"Recent years have seen increased scrutiny on this area, both from the public and within the sector itself.

"As well as striving to constantly improve our work overseas, we must also be ensuring that our engagement with the public in Ireland is an honest representation of our work, respectful of our international partners and also reflective of the modern, inclusive society the Ireland of today is," according to Minister Brophy.

From next year, it will be replaced with 'The Government of Ireland Development Programme' overseas. However, the term 'Irish Aid' will still be used in Ireland.

NGOs, departmental and embassy staff were consulted about the name change.

"There was a clear consensus from those discussions that 'Irish Aid' as a term no longer captures the totality of the work being carried out.

"Providing financial assistance is, of course, central to our work and will continue to be so, but so much of Ireland's ODA programme is about strengthening human rights, building better governance and promoting equality and empowerment," he is expected to say.