The Central Statistics Office has opened a public consultation process for Census 2027.

The CSO is inviting submissions from members of the public, organisations and interest groups on suggested questions for Ireland's next Census.

Submissions proposing changes to the phrasing of questions used in Census 2022 or suggesting new question(s) for Census 2027 are welcomed as part of the consultation.

A Census Advisory Group will be established to review the submissions and decide on new questions and changes to the current set of questions.

These will be tested in a pilot Census in 2024 before the final set of questions is submitted for Government approval in 2025.

Ongoing updates on the various stages of the consultation process are on the CSO website.

In the 2022 Census, there was no question on gender identity.

At the time, the CSO pointed out that European Union legislation required that a question on biological sex be asked and that it dictated that "the only answers that can be provided are male and female".

People who chose not to declare themselves as male or female in Census 2022, had a biological sex assigned to them on a random basis, which the CSO said would not have a statistical impact.

It is anticipated that gender identity will be included in Census 2027.