There are 144 asylum seekers currently being housed in tented accommodation, with 176 more due to be moved into tents next week.

One-hundred-and-four international protection applicants were moved into tents set up alongside the Direct Provision Centre at Knocklisheen in Co Clare on 5 September, while 40 people have been living in tents at the Johnston Marina Direct Provision Centre in Co Kerry since 25 July.

A tented village on the site of the Direct Provision Centre in Athlone, Co Westmeath, is due to receive 176 asylum seekers from Monday 20 September.

All three camps have been erected on state owned land.

The figures were provided by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth.

It said it expects those living in tents at the site in Kerry to remain there until the "end of Autumn pending availability of permanent accommodation," while no time frame was specified for those who have moved into the tented camp in Co Clare, or who are due to move into tents in Co Westmeath.

A department spokesperson said that "due to the severe pressure on available accommodation, it is necessary for tented accommodation to be utilised at certain locations ... in order to ensure sufficient accommodation is available to International Protection Seekers that need it."

Meanwhile, a number of asylum seekers who were initially refused accommodation over a week ago are continuing to present at the International Protection Office requesting shelter.

Between 1 September and 8 September, 201 newly arrived asylum seekers were told they could not be offered somewhere to stay due to an accommodation shortage.

It was confirmed on 9 September that all asylum seekers would once again be offered accommodation and that new arrivals would initially go to the the Citywest Transit Hub in Dublin.

It remains unclear how many are still unaccounted for.

A spokesperson for the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth told RTÉ News that asylum seekers who were among those who were refused accommodation have been presenting every day this week at the International Protection Office (IPO) and are being accommodated.

Last week, the Irish Refugee Council confirmed that 54 of the homeless international protection applicants it was supporting had been accommodated.

The department has said that affected asylum seekers were advised to send daily emails requesting "the latest information on accommodation availability", and those who go to the IPO will be accommodated.