The wild goat has been taken down from the stand at the Puck Fair festival in Killorglin, Co Kerry again.

The goat was returned to the cage yesterday evening after earlier being removed following concerns over its welfare in the hot weather, with temperatures reaching into the high 20s.

It was returned last night after hourly veterinary checks gave him a clean bill of health for heights and the temperature dropped.

Following controversy over the placing of the goat on the stand, the Department of Agriculture said its animal welfare helpline had received 175 "contacts" in relation to King Puck.

Today is known as Scattering Day at the festival. It will see the close of the three-day event and the formal dethronement of the puck goat.

The goat was removed yesterday following concerns over its welfare in the hot weather

Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae, who was in Killorglin last night, welcomed the move by the festival committee and said it was the correct decision.

Mr Healy-Rae said Puck Fair was of huge social importance to all of south Kerry.

He said it was where friends and old neighbours met up and this year's Puck Fair was especially important after "being locked up" for the past few years.

"I’m sad to see animal rights, so they call themselves, interfere and interrupt this great event. They never seem to be for anything, only against everything," he said.

The goat would be released back into the wild "in better shape" than he was brought down, the TD said.

"If the goat was above in Carrauntoohil, or below in the Black Valley, would a vet be monitoring him every hour?" he asked on Radio Kerry.

"I saw the goat and the goat is fine. I was glad to be see that people were enjoying themselves in Killorglin last night and not locked up like we have been for the past few years," he said.