The family of a 21-year-old man who died of blood poisoning after being discharged from a hospital emergency department the day before, has settled a High Court action over his death.

The court heard Adam Mulchrone was deteriorating by the hour, and by the time he returned to Mayo University Hospital (MUH) on 27 January 2019, he was in a state of health that could not be reversed and died within 12 hours.

An inquest in Swinford last year returned a verdict of medical misadventure and found Mr Mulchrone died from multi-organ failure caused by menigoccus septicaemia.

Senior Counsel Des O'Neill told the court that Adam had taken ill on 26 January during football training, and was referred to MUH by a GP on the basis of possible meningitis.

He said Mr Mulchrone was examined in the emergency department but was discharged four hours later without a second evaluation of his case.

When he returned to hospital the following day, he was in "a state of health which could not be reversed" and died within 12 hours.

It was the family's case that if he had been admitted and given IV fluids and antibiotics when he first attended the hospital, he would have survived.

The terms of the settlement against the HSE are confidential.

Mr O’Neill said the hospital had apologised in a letter to the family last year and had acknowledged liability in the case.

The family’s solicitor, Ciaran Tansey, said outside court that Adam had all the classic symptoms of meningitis but appeared to have "slipped through the cracks".

He said the hospital had conceded there were failings and that it had let him down.

The hospital said it had agreed to implement processes to ensure such a situation did not happen again, Mr Tansey added, which was "hugely important for the Mulchrone family".