Average family farm income in 2021 rose by 26% to €34,300, according to a new survey from farm advisory and research body Teagasc.

This was despite post-pandemic increases in the cost of fuel feed and fertiliser.

The Teagasc National Farm Survey found that income varied sharply from sector to sector, with dairy farming by far the most lucrative.

Average income on dairy farms last year rose to €97,000, up 23% on 2020. Tillage farmers, who experienced good growing conditions saw average income rise 77% to €59,000.

Farmers rearing cattle saw average income rise by 30% to €11,000, while those who purchase cattle for fattening and finishing saw incomes rise 6% to €16,400.

Sheep farmers' income rose by an average of 14% to bring income levels to €20,500.

The report says increases across all sectors were due to better prices for farm output, driven by international agricultural commodity prices.

Cereal prices were up 30%, milk prices were up 13%. Lamb prices rose by 30%, while prices for younger cattle rose 8% and prime cattle rose 12%

The report also notes weather conditions in 2021 were good for grass growth and particularly good for cereal production.