The Minister for Education has said there have been no issues in allocating places for Ukrainian students in schools in Ireland.

Norma Foley said the Department of Education has been working with the Department of Children to identify schools around the country were refugees can be accommodated.

She said there is "clear capacity in some areas, greater in some areas than in others" and she said work has been underway in matching the students with classrooms where there is availability.

However, Minister Foley said while the process can "be a difficulty at times," she said "to date, we have no issues in terms of accommodation for students and it is our expectation going forward that there will not be those difficulties either".

'Extraordinary welcome'

The minister said there has been an "extraordinary welcome" extended to children and young people from Ukraine, who have come to Ireland.

"I think you can see across society we have seen an extraordinary welcome with more than 6,000 students in our schools now," she added.

Tomorrow, Minister Foley and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Ireland, Gerasko Larysa will visit schools in Co Kerry which have "large numbers of children and young people from Ukraine".

She said the children have been "welcomed in, they are happy here, they are learning here and they're very much part of our communities now and we're seeing that reflected across society and that is exactly how it will continue".

Minister Foley said: "this is a unique situation, this is a crisis humanitarian situation, and this country will not be found wanting".