The running of Ireland's National Symphony Orchestra and Choirs is set to be transferred from RTÉ to the National Concert Hall next week.

The main objective of this transfer, which comes into effect from 24 January, is to secure a more sustainable future for the orchestra and choirs, which includes the Philharmonic Choir, Cór Linn and Cór na nÓg.

As part of Budget 2022, around €8 million was provided for the transfer of the NSO and Choirs to the National Concert Hall to take place. This cost equates to the estimated running costs of the NSO.

The transfer will allow the National Concert Hall to strengthen their artistic offering to the public, according to the venue’s chairperson Maura McGrath.

Our ambition is to invest in the orchestra, to realise our joint artistic potential, enhancing diversity and accessibility, ensuring orchestral music is a sustainable and integral part of our output," Ms McGrath said.

"As custodian of Ireland’s musical heritage, the National Concert Hall, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the combined choral groups look forward to creating a legacy of music performance, participation and education that is uplifting for all, forging strong creative links between past, present and future."

The move marks a day of "mixed emotions" for RTÉ, said Director-General Dee Forbes.

"On the one hand we are delighted that the NSO and Choirs will now be on a firm financial footing within the NCH allowing them to plan with confidence into the future, but on the other, we say goodbye today not just to wonderful musicians and support staff, but to colleagues and friends, many of whom have a long history in RTÉ," Ms Forbes said.

"I have no doubt they will continue in their mission to make great orchestral music and entertain audiences everywhere, and we will of course continue to have a strong broadcasting relationship with them in their new role at the heart of Ireland's National Concert Hall.

"We wish them all the very best and thank them for the music."

The transition was overseen by Minister for Media Catherine Martin, who said the NSO will be at the heart of the NCH's planned redevelopment into a state-of-the-art music campus.

"This is a significant red-letter day, not only for the musicians involved, but for all those who have an interest in music in Ireland," she said.

The National Symphony Orchestra was established by RTÉ in 1948. It has been the resident orchestra at the National Concert Hall since the national venue was established in 1981.