The Child and Family Agency, Tusla, has said it will review the case of five children who were subjected to prolonged sexual abuse by five adults to identify what it described as any "learnings or insights" that could be gained from its involvement with the family.

The statement followed a case a Central Criminal Court yesterday in which the parents, two uncles and an aunt were jailed for a total of 77 convictions including the rape, sexual assault and exploitation of the children.

The children were taken in to care in 2016 on grounds of chronic neglect but it later emerged they had been the victims of horrific abuse. Social workers had been involved with the family since 2011.

Tusla said in accordance with "best practice in these cases the case will be reviewed when appropriate to identify any learnings or insights that can be gained from our involvement in the lives of the children and their families."

It said that "staff and foster carers have played a role in supporting the children throughout this difficult time. In addition to being witness in the criminal proceedings our main focus has been and is to continue to support the children who were the victims in this case.

"We would specifically ask commentators to focus on the issues rather than the very individual experiences for the children as they seek to now have a childhood in the communities they live in."

The statement also reminded those who have any concerns about a child to report them to a professional who can contact Tusla or to contact area duty social workers directly, details of which available on their website.