Women's health advocate Vicky Phelan has spoken of her decision to stop palliative chemotherapy after one session because she was so sick following the treatment.

Speaking on the Late Late Show, Ms Phelan said she would rather use the time she has left to be with her children, 16-year-old Amelia and ten-year-old Darragh.

"I got the treatment on 18 October and I couldn't get out of the bed until 29 October. that's how bad it was," Ms Phelan told Ryan Tubridy.

"[I was] sick, in pain, tired, and going from one side effect to another and this is something people don't talk about... the horrors of the treatment are often worse than the actual disease itself.

"I'd rather be well and have a shorter time frame. I'd like my children to have memories of doing stuff with me and if I die sooner, so be it."

Ms Phelan said that four weeks ago, she did not believe she would see Christmas, but that she is currently feeling well.

Ms Phelan recently returned from the US, where she participated in a clinical trial for experimental cancer treatment.

"I really thought I'd get another couple of years on that drug, but it just didn't work for me," she said.

Prior to her return, she also received proton beam therapy, but this ceased on discovery of another tumour.

"I've known for four years now that there was a point that I would have to make really hard decisions. I have always known this cancer was incurable," Ms Phelan said.

"I have always known that whatever drugs I would get, one would only keep me alive for a certain point, but nothing was going to cure it, you know, unless some miracle drug came out.

"I don't want to die. I am a young woman and I have young children and that's what's made me fight for more time with them and I'm glad I've got the last four years, but you still want more, but I don't ever think too far ahead."

She spoke about how she has planned her funeral, which she said will be a humanist ceremony.

"I'm a control freak, no one will be planning anything without my say so," she said.

She also asked surprise guest performers Steve and Joe Wall from The Stunning if they would play at her funeral, and said she has also asked Niall Breslin if the Blizzards will perform.

When asked what message she would like to give people, Ms Phelan that the Irish can be "too quiet for our own good", and that people should not be afraid to ask questions of their doctors and healthcare professionals.

"Know your body, and when you know your body, don't be afraid to ask questions about it, and get another referral if you're not happy," she said.

"You only have one life."

In 2018, Ms Phelan was awarded a €2.5m settlement by the High Court in a case taken against the US laboratory that carried out her cervical smear test.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer after a false negative cervical smear test carried out as part of CervicalCheck.