Stargazers in Ireland are set to see a partial eclipse of the Moon tomorrow morning, as the Sun rises.

As much as 68% of the Moon is due to disappear into the Earth's shadow, according to Astronomy Ireland, in the first lunar eclipse visible from Ireland since July 2019.

"Everyone should watch from 6.30am to 8am as the Moon goes down in the West and dawn begins to break" said David Moore, Editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned, with the Earth in the middle.

When they are aligned exactly, the Moon is entirely within the Earth's shadow.

This results in total darkening of the Moon's surface and is called a total lunar eclipse.

When the Moon is only partially within the Earth's shadow part of its surface appears darker, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse.

The partial phase begins 45 minutes before the Sun rises.

Astronomy Ireland advises that the partial phase will begin at 7:18am when the Moon will be 5 degrees above the west to northwest horizon.

The next lunar eclipse visible from Ireland will be in May 2022.