The latest homeless figures show a slight increase of 23 individuals bringing the total to 8,014 people in emergency accommodation in June.

This follows a decrease of 91 in May and shows an overall year-on-year decrease of just under 8%.

The number of children is down by over 18% during the previous 12 months.

The overall increase last month is accounted for by a rise of 40 in Dublin compared to a reduction of 17 in the rest of the country.

The numbers in Hotel and B&Bs show a continuing reduction with 65 families in such accommodation in June compared to 338 in June last year.

The Quarterly Progress Report was also published today showing that 1,371 adults and their dependants exited from emergency accommodation or were prevented from entering into emergency accommodation between April and June.

A statement from the Department of Housing said that this brings to 2,735 the total number of exits from homelessness and going into tenancies achieved in the year to date.

The prevention rate for families in the Dublin region stands at 55%, it said.

There were 60 Housing First tenancies created around the country in the second quarter which involve rough sleepers going straight into private accommodation - this brings the total of such tenancies to 587.

The Simon Communities of Ireland have called on the Government to prevent an increase in those entering homelessness.

Spokesperson Wayne Stanley said: "Following reports that the National 'Housing for All' plan has been delayed at least another month, the Simon Communities of Ireland are concerned that the reduction in homelessness during the pandemic will be short lived.

"The latest RTB report indicates that affordability has increasingly become an issue in terms of housing."

Mr Stanley said that the "persistent and chronic lack of affordable housing is having a huge impact on homelessness".

He added that the latest RTB research "indicates that rents grew by 4.5% year-on-year and that there has been a decline in the number of tenancies registered with the RTB and this is particularly worrying".

Focus Ireland has called on the Government to include a "specific long-term plan to address family homelessness as part of its delayed 'Housing For All' strategy".

Director of Advocacy, Mike Allen said: "The increase in family homelessness in June is a stark reminder of how precarious the progress in tackling homelessness really is."

He said "high rents are continuing to put families under pressure while they are also juggling the high cost of childcare during a global pandemic".

Mr Allen said: "We have to remember that, even with the recent progress, the number of families homeless remains four times the level it was in 2014, when the then Minister for Housing declared it an ‘emergency crisis’."