A friend of a Pakistani woman who spent over 12 years in Ireland while her father worked as a diplomat has paid tribute to her after she was killed in Islamabad.

The former school friend, who knew Noor Mukadam when she lived in Dublin, was shocked to learn the 27-year-old had been shot and stabbed in the Pakistani capital on Tuesday.

Ms Mukadam, the daughter of former Pakistani diplomat to Ireland, Shaukat Mukadam, attended school in Dublin for a number of years, including Our Lady's Grove in Goatstown.

Close friend Kimberley Kearns, who attended primary and secondary school with Ms Mukadam, said she was "brilliant, she never missed a day, was always on time and the teachers loved her".

Ms Kearns added: "She never had anything bad to say, was amazing in all her exams - she was always studying, always doing homework, she was the nicest person ever."

Ms Kearns said she stayed in touch with Ms Mukadam when she returned to Islamabad, mainly on Instagram and Facebook. She said that she was extremely upset when she heard the news on Tuesday from a family friend.

Meanwhile, police in Islamabad said a man had been arrested.

The Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Pakistan in Dublin, Shahzad Dastgir Nousherwani, said they were all greatly moved by the outpouring of support and condolences for Ms Mukadam from her friends in Ireland.

He said the investigation was ongoing and he had confidence that justice would be served.