They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words but sometimes the mix of flour, sugar and butter can be too.

Not everyone can afford a birthday cake but the "Consider It Cakes initiative" which now has around 420 volunteers nationwide, makes sure people can have their cake and eat it.

We've all been bitten by the baking buzz over the past year and founder Franciska Acs wanted to put her hobby to good use.

She said that people in Direct Provision centres often don't have a lot of money to spend and therefore a birthday cake is not a priority.

The hobby bakers have made hundreds of cakes for people since they started the initiative in June of last year.

"For us it's just a cake but for the recipient, it's so much more. Those living in Direct Provision can't get the ingredients all the time so they can request the perfect cake for them with the best flavours with their favourite treats on top.

"We give them the chance to celebrate with friends and family because a birthday party without a cake isn't really a birthday party. I also think what's very important is that we show them that somebody outside cares," Franciska Acs said.

Franciska, who works full-time in marketing, said the group has a WhatsApp group for locations across Ireland for the initiative.

She said if she gets a cake request, she puts it in the WhatsApp group and the first person who says they can do it will get to bake the cake.

"We get adorable pictures from the mums of the children with the cakes on their birthday. We get really nice and appreciative messages, it makes my day everyday as it's nice that something so small matter so much to someone," Franciska said.

Franciska said people in Direct Provision contact her and send her a birthday list at the start of each month.

For the homeless, she said it can be more difficult, but they try to have treat days such as giving them goodie bags of treats.

David Emmanuel who has been in Direct Provision for over a year now said his friend put in an order to Franciska to make sure he did not miss out on his special day this year.

"I feel so happy, getting a cake from Consider It Cakes it's a wonderful feeling you know," David said.

"It means a lot to me because it makes me feel important and loved, that's it, that's what the world needs."

Anyone who is homeless, asylum-seeking or simply cannot buy a cake because of their current situation is eligible.

They can request the cake they want for whatever the occasion for a child, partner or friend so nobody misses out on those special memories.