There were 8,082 men, women and children in emergency accommodation in April.

This compares to 9,335 in April 2020, which is a drop of 13% year on year.

The latest homeless figures show an increase of 22 people since last month because of more families seeking emergency accommodation in Dublin.

The latest figures are the first to take in account the end of the eviction ban which came into effect on 22 April following a ten-day grace period.

The figures taken from 19 to 25 April show that the number of homeless families in Dublin increased by 18 including 50 children compared to the previous month.

This was offset by reductions in the number of families in other parts of the country and a drop of five in the overall number of homeless adults meaning a net increase of 22 people.

The overall numbers had been decreasing in recent months, including a drop of 284 in December.

The number of single adults, those not in accommodation with families, was reduced for the second month in a row and saw a drop of 27 last month.