The Irish Coast Guard has temporarily suspended cliff rescues for safety reasons.

It said the suspension is for a temporary period in order to "complete adjustments to various elements of the cliff rescue system".

"The Coast Guard is working to reinstate the function as quickly as possible," a spokesperson said.

It said the move is in line with its safety management system.

"The safety of Coast Guard crew and volunteers is paramount and the function will be resumed when it has been is deemed safe to do so," the spokesperson said.

The Coast Guard responds to approximately one incident involving someone falling on cliffs per month.

These incidents are normally combination of Coast Guard teams and search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopters, according to the spokesperson.

"While cliff rescue operations are suspended, the affected areas will be serviced by a combination of SAR helicopter services and existing Coast Guard units," the spokesperson said.

All other Coast Guard search and rescue services continue to operate.