The Migrant Rights Centre has claimed that the meat industry in Ireland is marked by a disgraceful record on health and safety. 

It said the sector is characterised by low pay and poor terms and conditions. 

The centre has detailed the experiences of a small sample of workers from across 13 counties and almost two dozen nationalities.

Meat Industry Ireland  has rejected the conclusions made in the report and said "the primary meat processing sector is highly regulated and subject to the full rigours of employment law, with meat plants regularly inspected".

Close to 16,000 people work in the meat industry in Ireland and 1% of them took part in this research in a survey which was rolled out directly to workers by people in the industry, who have been working with the Migrant Rights Centre.

Workers complain about long hours, poor conditions and a lack of training.

They also say that production lines are moving too fast, putting workers under immense physical and mental pressure.

One worker said that people are afraid to speak out in case they are singled out and let go, which would also mean lose of immigration status.
Four in ten people who responded said they had been bullied.

The Migrant Rights Centre said that meat workers face a culture of oppression, poor wages and poor standards, it has called on Government to address the issues and overhaul the work permits.

Responding Meat Industry Ireland said it strongly refutes the claims.

It pointed out that the findings of multiple inspections do not support the allegations being made .