A French couple, who live in Ireland, got married today in the foyer of the original Aer Lingus terminal at Dublin Airport.

Nico Buhler and Justine Heintzelmann had to cancel their wedding here three times because of Covid-restrictions.

Justine said most of their friends did not know they were getting married today - "they will learn [the news] in some way", she joked.

Three witnesses were present for the happy day, including the bride's sister. But other family members were unable to attend due to the pandemic.

The couple said their families would have loved to have been there, but "we can't put them at risk, so it's a hard step to take but we have to take it."

Nico added: "On Monday, we didn't have a wedding planned due to coronavirus, so we didn't know where to go."

"I woke up on Tuesday morning and I thought, we've been travelling so much, airports are always open, so I took my courage and I called [Dublin Airport]. And look where we are now! It's just crazy."

Justine said the couple were originally supposed to get married at the end of April in Meath.

"And then we had until the end of October to do it legally before losing the paperwork and having to do it all over again. And we hoped we could do it today, because it's our fifth year anniversary today, so it's even better to be able to do it like this. What a crazy day!"

The two were going to have their ceremony in the gardens at the airport but because of the weather were married indoors.

After the wedding they went home. They did not fly away on honeymoon.

Their next adventure is already on its way - they are due to welcome a baby in the coming months.