A soft rubber ball designed as the head of US President Donald Trump has been recalled by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission due to microbiological contamination.

The item, which is made by 'Out of the Blue', has a liquid interior.

The CCPC has warned that the liquid is contaminated.

The ball is made of orange-coloured, soft, elastic, synthetic material.

It has a diameter of 5-7cm with arms and is filled with a colourless liquid.

The items hold an article number, which can be found above the barcode on the back of the packaging, of 12/0921.

The barcode is 4 029811 403585.

The CCPC said 156 units of the product were sold by multiple retailers in Ireland.

It has been reported that there is a possible microbial risk relating to the item.

The CCPC said that if the ball leaks during play, liquid may escape that is microbiologically contaminated.