A Limerick taxi driver who won €500,000 in Friday night's EuroMillions Plus draw said he feels "on top of the world".

Eddie Costelloe, 43, from Moyross, credited his late mother, Helen, who passed away in 2013, for encouraging him to follow his dream of one day winning the lottery.

"On my mother's deathbed, I said to her, 'Mam, I'm going to win the lotto one of these days', and she said, 'Son, you will', and I've been chasing this for a long time," he said.

"Seven years it took me, and I got it. I'm after getting half a million."

Mr Costelloe described the win as "life-changing" for himself and his wife, Antoinette, along with their two children Cian (5) and Megan (9).

"It's unbelievable; it's unreal, it hasn't sunk in yet. This is what I wanted all my life. I always knew it, because my mother said it, when she was on her deathbed, and ever since then I have chased it."

Mr Costelloe, who purchased a €14 Quick Pick, at his local Circle K filling station in Thomondgate, recently diversified into delivering parcels after his taxi trade dried up due to Covid-19.

"I'm top of the world, top of the world. We are sorted for life," he said.

Despite the massive cash boost, Eddie and Antoinette, who is a care worker with CareBright, will continue working, while also enjoying a few non-essential treats.

"It's not going to (stop) me from working, because it's not in me to sit around, I'll always work. I'm a taxi driver and as you know the industry has been hit hard, but, I'm going to keep (delivering) my parcels," Mr Costelloe said.

Ms Costelloe maintained the big win was "not retirement money", and they would "still be working".

"I have (up to) six clients that I look after every day," she added.

However, the happy couple, who have been together for 12 years, and married for the past three years, will be travelling to work in style from now on.

Mr Costelloe plans on purchasing "a new van" and his wife "is going to pick her new car, whatever she wants".

"We'll buy our house, and a nice holiday home in Lanzarote," he added.

Staff at the Circle K premises who sold the winning ticket were also celebrating after Mr Costelloe delivered in a generous cash sum, as a token of his appreciation for their role in his big win.

"All the staff are lovely, Antoinette used to work there. I always use the garage, it's top class," Mr Costelloe said.