What is believed to be Ireland's first Brown Booby, the rare tropical seabird that was first spotted on the beach at Greystones, Co Wicklow last Monday, has died after four days in intensive care.

The bird is traditionally found in the West Indies and Cape Verde islands, and is believed to have arrived here after being blown off course by a storm.

The bird was weak and thin when discovered on the beach, suffering from exhaustion.

It had been receiving care at the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit, which said that the bird "deteriorated late on Thursday evening" before passing away "peacefully".

"The bird had travelled a huge distance and lost a third of its body weight on its journey, and then during its time here, it had to deal with a much colder climate than it was used to. It’s also probable that there had been an underlying condition that caused it to become ill in the first place," said the wildlife unit on Facebook.

"We were very realistic from the outset, but, as with all our cases, we look at them with optimism and positivity, with the animal’s welfare always being our utmost priority.

"All life is of equal value," continued the statement, "be it a feral pigeon or a rarer species, they all receive the best veterinary, nursing and rehabilitation care that can be provided."

The Brown Booby being fed

The Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit said they are "saddened by the loss" but grateful and overwhelmed why the way in which people came together to help "this rare visitor to our shores".

"Despite the outcome it gave everyone some well needed distraction and focus during these challenging days."

They thanked National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger Jason Monaghan for "taking the correct decision to remove the bird from the beach when it became obvious that it was the only realistic option".

The remains of the bird will be given back to the National Parks and Wildlife Service to be considered for scientific research, the statement concluded.