The Policing Authority has addressed the Disclosures Tribunal to clarify some ''inaccuracies'' regarding the alleged exchange of gifts between members of An Garda Síochána.

Mr Conor Power, Senior Counsel for the Policing Authority, read a statement into the official record this morning.

He said a witness had previously testified, based on his recollection, that he gave a gift to a senior officer and former member of the gardaí's appointment board.

The senior officer had recommended the witness for the position of Superintendent.

The person also indicated that he had conveyed his thanks to the Policing Authority following his subsequent appointment.

The Policing Authority denied any suggestion that gifts were made to any nominees on the selection board.

Mr Power said such gifts would be a serious breach of behaviour for members on the panel.

The Policing Authority investigated the matter and contacted all nominees on the selection board, staff who may have had any contact with the witness and all Police Authority members.

Each confirmed that no gift was offered or accepted.

The Police Authority said it considered that the issues have the potential to allow for uncertainty to surround the process if left unaddressed.

Mr Power thanked Tribunal chairperson Mr Justice Sean Ryan for allowing the Police Authority to correct the record.