Their premises may have been closed for the past three months, but today primary schools formally closed for the summer holidays.

For sixth class students, this week has seen graduation ceremonies taking place across the country as schools found creative ways to mark this important milestone during the pandemic.

Among around 70,000 pupils who will now move on to second level are the Nwedo quadruplets, who graduated today from their school in Dublin.

RTÉ News was there to mark their first day in school nine years ago and we returned today to watch them celebrate their last at St Ultan's in Cherry Orchard.

The Nwedo quadruplets in 2008

Seán, Cindy, Divine, and Léon are ambitious, they want to be doctors, engineers, and lawyers when they grow up.

They have an excellent role model in their mother Turrty, who studied to become a nurse with seven children under the age of ten.

The quadruplets and their mother Turrty

Turrty works as a nurse during the day, and her husband works as a taxi driver at night.

The quads are the youngest in their family and they say they are looking forward to secondary school.

Principal Gary Jones said success for a school was when its students moved on happy, confident, and as curious as they were when they began.