Students from around the country have been sharing reaction to the news that the Leaving Certificate examination will not take place this summer.

It came after the Government announced that students would be given the option of accepting calculated grades - or sitting the exams at a later date.

Saoirse Mulvihill, 18, from Dublin said she feels "ultimately relieved and grateful" that a decision has been made.

Saoirse Mulvihill from Dublin

Ms Mulvihill said: "I think giving people the opportunity to choose between taking it at a later date or going ahead with the predicted gradings is the possibly fairest solution to the current circumstances. 

"I am glad that the well-being of the students is being put first as I also think that should be the number one priority."

Amy Lavin, 17, from Sligo expressed her "relief" at the decision as she no longer feels as thought she needs to "choose between my health and my education".

Amy Lavin from Sligo

Ms Lavin said: "As I have a heart condition and other ongoing illnesses, I am relieved to say I no longer have to choose between my health and my future in education, so I will be accepting predictive grades.

"For me, this stressful time is now easing and I am ready to focus on my future in education, wherever that may take me."

Kyle Dreeling, 18, from Kilkenny, described the announcement as a "weight off the shoulders" and that he feels "much safer" with the decision to call off the summer examinations during a pandemic.

Kyle Dreeling from Kilkenny

Mr Dreeling said: "The only issues I can really think of are teacher bias and the mock leaks, but I think these aren't as a big of a deal that people are making them out to be and will probably sort themselves out - the government are definitely aware of them so it’s not that bad."

Theo Joyce, 18, from Galway said that "these unusual times call for unusual measures".

Mr Joyce said: "I would've liked to sit the exams but it also comes as a relief to me that we don’t have to. It’s the heath concerns and it’s risky for all the people involved.

"I understand that it was a very hard decision for the officials to make, and I have sympathy for them."

Roisin Maguire from Kildare

Roisin Maguire, 19, from Kildare is happy that students are being given a choice about sitting exams at a later date or accepting their predicted grades.

Ms Maguire said: "Hopefully when the predictive grading system is being set in place, teachers will take into consideration that the majority of students improve between mocks and Leaving Cert."

Brandon Caulfield from Dublin

Brandon Caulfield, 17, from Dublin, said he is happy with the cancellation of the summer exams - and pointed out that students wishing to do them at a later date will now have "more time to study".

Mr Caulfield said: "I suppose the main thing is to acknowledge that we now have solid clarity and any questions we have will be answered in due course."

Students from Merlin College in Doughiska on the outskirts of Galway City have been giving their reaction to today's decision.

The school is one of the biggest and most diverse in the country with approximately 45 languages spoken by students and their parents at home.

Gintara Daraskeviciute is from Lithuania, but living in Galway all her life.

The 18-year-old has been studying her native language as an extra-curricular subject.

She was aiming for a high grade to boost the points needed for global commerce at NUI Galway. Now she is concerned as to how teachers can predict her grade when she doesn't study the subject at school.

Busayo Muheeb is 17, and was born in Ireland when his parents came here from Nigeria. He also has mixed feelings about the 'Plan B' announced today.

"I'm relieved that the stress and uncertainty has been removed but I'm worried that my mocks are not a true reflection of what I had hoped to achieve in the Leaving Cert," he said

Busayo wants to study biotechnology at NUI Galway but is worried he won't make the grade.

Both students say they have worked hard over the past number of years and remain focused on gaining entry to the courses they want in order to pursue their future careers.