The mother of a man who was beaten to death in Galway in 1996 has said she will abide by the rules if graveyards are closed due to Covid-19.

Speaking on RTÉ's Liveline, Marie Phelan said she visits the grave of her son Colm every day.

Ms Phelan, who is in her 70s, is currently cocooning at her home in Tipperary.

She said sometimes she drops in if she is passing by late in the evening "to kiss his name on the headstone".

"Myself and my husband go up every evening when it's dark and we know there is no one around. There was one time, when my son died first, I was going up three or four times a day.

"Then I got it down to two or three times a day because that's where I feel I last saw my son. If I didn't go up and bring him home, he wasn't with me. It was my way of grieving."

She said she has reduced the number of visits to her son's grave now to once a day during Covid-19 restrictions, but she said she will abide by rules if the graveyards are officially closed.

"I shouldn't be up there I know that. But that is where I feel closest to my son when I'm there and I bring him home with me every night.

"That's the stuff that I can't get out of my head. That he's there and if I don't go up at night he's not home.

"So that's why I go up - to bring him home and then I'm quite happy. That's why I've got the visits down to once a day."