Fishermen in Dingle say they will prevent a Spanish trawler from landing fish at the Co Kerry port tonight.

The fishermen say they are mounting the blockade amid fears of potential Covid-19 transmission on the pier.

The fishermen are currently blocking the entrance to the pier. Gardaí have cautioned the fishermen but they are refusing to end their blockade.

It is understood a Spanish-registered vessel is due to land its catch in Dingle later tonight. A Spanish-registered truck is waiting outside the town.

The latest blockade follows similar protests in Dingle and Castletownbere three weeks ago. Minister Creed subsequently announced a number of measures to address the concerns raised by fishermen.

The measures included designated landing zones in Irish ports for foreign-registered vessels and a requirement that foreign crew must remain within the landing zone.

Mickey Hennessey, a spokesperson for the protesters, said the Dingle fishermen have serious concerns about public health on the pier.

"We have no issue with Spanish or French or English fishermen using our pier. They’ve been coming here for years but we don’t want them coming here now in the middle of this Covid crisis," he said.

"We’re using this pier and there’s a definite risk of transmission in our workplace. We don’t know where these foreign truck drivers and these foreign crews have been and they could have the virus. We have to look after our health and our families. The gardaí say they’ll arrest us but want to protect our town."

Similar blockades mounted by fishermen in Dingle and Castletownbere three weeks ago were condemned by seven Irish fishing organisations who described the action as "unnecessary, alarmist and without any reasonable nor rational foundation".