When the word came from Government to cocoon, some of the 20 or so members of the Clonmany patchwork group in north Donegal found themselves confined to home.

These women, however, weren't about to sit back and relax, they decided they wanted to do their bit to help out in the Covid-19 crisis. 

The group normally meet on Monday nights in the extensive fabric shop in the Clonmany Community Centre where the doors are now closed to all.

The Centre Manager, Bebhinn Mullins, however, has been distributing material from the shop to the group and members are using it to make face masks for everyone from home care workers to nurses, gardaí and shop staff. 

Kathleen Coady cuts all the fabric in her home and it is sewn by the other women, including Elizabeth Harkin.

Ms Harkin says it is a great way of passing the time and also doing their bit for the frontline workers who are "doing the big stuff".

The masks are not medical grade but Kathleen says they are a great way of stopping people from touching their faces. They are also washable and made with a pocket for the insertion of anti-bacterial material. 

The Clonmany patchworkers are giving the masks away for free and have had a great take-up.

Gardaí are helping to distribute them and some members of the force have put in a request for special material to be used in theirs - superhero fabric! Bebhinn says they are happy to oblige.