The number of people in emergency accommodation in February has fallen by 123 compared to January.

The total number of homeless people, including children, stands at 10,148.

The Department of Housing said these figures related to the period before the current Covid-19 emergency.

The Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said the priority in the coming weeks was the safety of those living in emergency accommodation given the situation with Covid-19.

"Local authorities and NGOs have been working incredibly hard to ensure that there is extra capacity in emergency accommodation.

"This extra capacity means that self-isolation can be put in place where needed, but also so that we can de-congregate settings to allow for proper social distancing measures."

The Minister said more than 600 new places had been secured and said more would come if necessary. He said he had guaranteed local authorities the funding for this.

Dublin Simon Community welcomed the drop in figures but said the focus must be to safeguard those in homelessness during the Covid-19 crisis.

CEO Sam McGuinness said: "The teamwork demonstrated by NGOs, the DRHE, the HSE, the Department of Housing and all other parties to facilitate cocooning and self-isolation for people in homeless services has been very positive so far.

"We hope the success of this inter-agency cooperation is something we can build on going forward as we move through this Covid-19 crisis."