As of 6am this morning, all of Ireland's new safety cameras were permitted to operate on 1,322 stretches of road around the country.

Following a review, 575 old zones were removed because they were no longer considered high-risk areas. However, 903 new safety camera zones have been added, bringing the total number nationwide to 1,322.

The vans are all located on roads where there has been a speed-related collision involving an injury or fatality.

View the safety camera locations on An Garda Síochána's website here.

The map enables users to zoom into their locality or any region in the country to see where safety cameras may be enforcing speed limits.

By clicking on a highlighted zone, you can see how many speed-related minor injury, serious injury, and fatal collisions have occurred on the road.

More than half of the new zones (482) are on regional roads, while 206 are on national routes, and 110 are on local roads.

Some 38 of the new zones are on motorways - nine of which are along the M7.

The remaining 67 are on urban roads and urban streets in areas like Dublin, Limerick, and Cork.

Enforcement is carried out by the GoSafe operator using vans marked with high-visibility reflective material and displaying a safety camera symbol. It provides a minimum of 7,400 enforcement hours per month.

Gardaí say while more than 1.5m speeding tickets have issued since the introduction of safety cameras, their primary purpose is to reduce speed related collisions, lessen injuries, and save lives.