The founder of the Capuchin Day Centre has described the homelessness crisis as absolutely appalling, and appealed to the Government to build more homes to tackle the issue.

Speaking on RTÉ's Sunday with Miriam, Brother Kevin Crowley said he never thought he would see the homeless crisis get to the stage that it has.

He said it saddens him to see so many children coming into the centre and then have to go to hotels for accommodation.

"This day and age it's absolutely appalling and I appeal to the Government to build more homes, that is a huge problem and that is why we have so many unfortunate homeless people, because the Government are not building houses. Each person should really have their own home, have a key to their own door."

He said money was being wasted ridiculously, when it should be prioritised for tackling homelessness.

Brother Kevin said that while he was glad the centre can provide food for children, it saddens him that they need to, adding that he despairs to see the way the Government is behaving.

He appealed for the Government to do something to tackle homelessness in the build-up to Christmas, and said he did not want to hear of anyone left dying on the streets over the festive period.

He said the system as it stands was not working, and praised the centre's benefactors for their efforts in helping the centre to carry out its work.

The centre, which has been operating for more than 50 years, relies mainly on donations.

Brother Kevin said the overwhelming amount of money the centre has in order to run comes from donations.

He said it saddened him to see so many people queuing up every week for access to food parcels, baby food and baby nappies, and said the level of poverty that he sees is appalling.

He acknowledged while the Government was building houses, they were not building a sufficient number.

Until such a time that the Government started to rectify that, he said, there will always be people on the streets.