Organised crime groups in Ireland are increasingly working with terrorist groups internationally to launder money and goods, according to gardaí.

Assistant Garda Commissioner John O'Driscoll told the annual National Prosecutors' Conference at Dublin Castle that organised criminal gangs are exploiting technology and logistical developments to stay ahead of law enforcement.

He said Irish gangs are working more frequently with terrorist groups regardless of ideology and gardaí were seeing more co-operation and competition between such operations.

Professor Maura Conway of DCU's School of Law and Government, expressed concern about the growing amount of far-right content available online and on social media.

An expert in online extremism and counter-terrorism, Prof Conway said that far-right groups have a long-standing and extensive network online, with much of it coming from English-speaking countries such as the United States.

She said while there was a previous consensus on disrupting content from the so-called Islamic State and other extreme groups, there is no consensus about extreme far-right content, making it more difficult to police.