Focus Ireland has recorded a significant increase in the number of babies being born into families without permanent accommodation.

New figures from the homeless charity show that 12% of children from families that it supports were born into homelessness this year.

Focus Ireland currently supports 1,215 children in Dublin and 142 of these children were born into families who were homeless.

The charity's founder, Sr Stan, said it was "shocking and appalling" and "fundamentally wrong", adding that the situation was "worse than ever" with almost 4,000 children now homeless in Ireland.

She said these children are growing up in hotel rooms, in a very small space, and there is no opportunity for an infant to even crawl around.

She said their development is affected as a result.

As part of its support to homeless families, Focus Ireland said it will open its first Family Centre in Dublin before the end of the year.

It will provide a place for homeless families to feed their children, do their washing, homework and other basic everyday activities.

However, it said the real answer in tackling this crisis is providing more social housing and called on the Government for radical action.

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