Minister for Communications Richard Bruton has said there is a lot of anxiety among the public about the high levels of pay for RTÉ presenters.

Minister Bruton said he presented his concerns over such salaries when he met the RTÉ Board and said they have addressed the issue in the plan it announced yesterday.

Asked if presenters should be paid more than the Taoiseach, Richard Bruton said a 15% cut for top on-air earners is part of the RTÉ strategy.

He said it was important that there was leadership from those in highly paid positions.

He also said a new tender for the licence fee could reduce evasion from 14% to 7%, but did not say if the Government would bring forward its plan to introduce a new broadcast charge in five years.

Asked if he thought RTÉ would still be around in five years' time, he said "absolutely, undoubtedly", but said it needed to adapt to a changed environment.