A video has emerged showing teenagers jumping at least 24 metres (80ft) from a cliff into the sea in Co Clare, prompting a local councillor to call on parents to "take action" before someone is killed.

The clip shows a number of youngsters jumping from a cliff in the popular resort town of Kilkee.

Others sit, with their feet dangling over the edge, laughing, cheering and recording the dangerous acts.

Kilkee councillor Cillian Murphy posted the video on Twitter after thinking "long and hard" about doing so, before deciding it had to be made public in an effort to prevent further irresponsible actions and the risk of copycat incidents.

In a post on Twitter, Cllr Murphy said: "Was sent this video to highlight to parents in #Kilkee what their kids are getting up to.

"This is absolutely crazy, approx 80 feet high, one misstep and it's a permanent life changing injury at best, a funeral at worst."

Cllr Murphy later added: "This is absolutely mental. Not only are they putting their own lives at risk, but if they get hurt or killed, the rescue services will have to be deployed to rescue or recover them, putting other lives at risk.

"These young lads are 15 or 16. Their bodies are probably strong enough to cope with the stress from the impact with the water.

"But their behaviour could encourage younger kids, say of 10 or 11, whose bodies can’t cope, and who may not have the ability to climb out of the water after that impact.

"We would ask parents to warn their children of the risks of undertaking this activity at this location. And, to take on the responsibility of making sure they are not involved in it.

"It really is only a matter of time before someone slips or misjudges their jump and at this height and almost definitely result in, at best, a long term life changing injury or at worst a fatality."