Brendan Grace's son, Brendan Patrick, has described his father as the kindest, gentlest and most compassionate person he knew.

Speaking at the funeral mass for Grace, who died on Thursday aged 68 after a brief illness, he said relationships with his family, friends and fans were the most important things to him.

He said he was a man who liked simple things like Club Orange, Kit Kats and ham sandwiches and who had a love of gadgets.

His daughter Melanie said being Brendan Grace's daughter was far from ordinary.

She spoke of how he spent hours writing letters and notes to friends and fans.

She said being Brendan Grace's daughter was like being enveloped by a massive hug, by a mighty protector, for 41 years.

She thanked him for being compassionate, optimistic and generous.

She said: "For most you’re a legend in show business, but to me you’re a legend of a dad.

"You’ve certainly earned your final bow. Rest easy dad."

His son Bradley described his father as "generous, wise, confusing and beautifully strange" and said having him as a dad was like experiencing unbridled kindness, an honour and a source of unyielding pride.

He said being funny was effortless for him and he had earned the title of Grand Master of Irish Comedy through intensely hard work.

His daughter Amanda concluded the family tributes by talking about his prolific letter writing and how he had prepared himself and his family for his death.

She said he filled their lives with courage, acceptance and love in his final days.

Crowds line the streets of The Liberties for Brendan Grace

Dublin's Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe said he was taken aback at the number of people who turned up at the Mansion House to sign the Book of Condolence for Brendan Grace.

"It's a sad day for Dublin, but also a day where we get to celebrate Brendan's life and I think he'll appreciate that". 

Delivering the eulogy Brian Keane, who was Grace's tour manager for 37 years, said he was his humorous, kind and brave self as he approached death.

He said when he asked Grace if he could do anything in his final days Brendan said "yes".

He asked him to set up a merchandising table at the back of the church to sell the rest of his DVDs and to give the priest a 20% cut.

He also said Brendan asked him to ask the funeral directors to invoice him for chauffeuring services rather than funeral services so he could claim back the VAT.

Mr Keane said he had no doubt that heaven is a funnier place now.

He ended the speech with the words he said Brendan used at the end of every gig "Goodnight, god bless and safe home".

The ceremony concluded with a recording of Brendan Grace singing 'This Old Guitar' and his coffin was carried from the church to a recording of the comedian singing 'The Rare Old Times'.