People who work outdoors in sectors like construction and farming are being urged to be vigilant about exposure to the sun.

Speaking on RTÉ's News at One, the Head of Services with the Irish Cancer Society said that one in four deaths from skin cancer are from sectors that work outdoors a lot.

Donal Buggy said this was despite the fact only about one in ten workers work outdoors regularly.

He said that one of the Irish Cancer Society's biggest jobs is to try make the public aware of the signs of skin cancer and the benefits of early diagnoses.

"If you have moles that change in shape, change in size, change in colour, these are all things which should trigger a warning sign to go and see your doctor.

"It is also important to know that not all skin cancers develop from moles and if there are skin changes that are unusual for you or something that you are worried about - go to your doctor, get seen and hopefully it will be nothing," he said.

Mr Buggy said that while progress had been made in the construction and farming sectors with regard to workplace accidents, the same is not true of skin damage.

"I think we have made an awful lot of progress in relation to workplace safety over the last 20 or 30 years because those farmers and construction workers could see the immediate and potential higher risk of accidentally death or injury at work, but we also need to get the message across to them the long-term exposure to the sun is an invisible hazard," he said.

Mr Buggy said we are "unfortunately seeing more than one skin cancer death per week" from the construction and agricultural sectors. 

"That is something that if it was happening as an accident in the workplace it would be dealt with very seriously but because it is a long-term hazard it isn't given the same attention," he added.

He called on employers to put plans in place to provide protective measures for their outdoors workers.

While they should "absolutely" wear sunscreen, Mr Buggy also said that long sleeves, hats and limiting the time spent in direct sunlight are also important.