The Minister with responsibility for the greyhound sector has expressed "deep concern" at allegations broadcast in an RTÉ documentary.

The RTÉ Investigates programme cited a confidential business analysis report prepared for the Irish Greyhound Board which states that up to 6,000 greyhounds are being killed each year because they are not fast enough.

The Irish greyhound industry is breeding 1,000% more puppies than it needs, leading to a cull of thousands of racing dogs every year.

The confidential report was prepared for the IGB by consultants Preferred Results Ltd in 2017 but was never published.

In a statement, Minister of State Andrew Doyle said the Department of Agriculture takes any allegations of breaches of animal welfare rules very seriously.

The Wicklow TD said the Department "will thoroughly investigate and take the necessary enforcement actions to deal with such offences."

He said the Greyhound Racing Act 2019 which was signed into law last month gives the IGB enhanced powers to make regulations for the traceability of greyhounds.

Mr Doyle also said the Department does not issue certificates for the export of greyhounds to China or Pakistan.

He added that the Department of Agriculture is reviewing the licencing conditions in knackeries following footage shown on the RTÉ programme.

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The IGB has also strongly condemned the practices outlined during the programme, which it say "highlighted the actions of a minority within the industry".

In a statement, IGB Chairman Frank Nyhan, said the new Greyhound Racing Act has given the industry an opportunity to progress and modernise.

The organisation's chief executive, Gerard Dollard, said that any person who knowingly harms a greyhound brings shame upon the industry.