The CEO of Water Safety Ireland has warned of the risks of cold water drowning as the weather is forecast to hit highs of 22C this weekend.

Speaking to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, John Leech said that water temperatures will be around half of the air temperatures at its hottest.

He said people who were not used to swimming should wear wet suits, while anyone engaging in other water activities, such as canoeing or paddle boarding, should wear dry suits and life vests.

"Essentially the water temperature will be half of what the air temperature is at its hottest. So when it's 20 or 21 degrees in coastal areas, it'll be 10 degrees and in inland waters, it will be 8 degrees," said Mr Leech.

Mr Leech also warned that there will be spring tides with a full moon on Good Friday.

This, he said, will create greater risks of big tides.

He urged people to carry their phones in case they should get stranded.

"People will go mussel picking and periwinkle picking and also just walking on beaches anyway. And there's lots of places where unfortunately you can get stranded," he said.

"So we want people to carry their phones with them and should they get into any trouble, dial 112 and the coastguard will be onto them in minutes."

Met Éireann has forecast dry, settled and increasingly warm conditions developing over the next few days and for the Easter weekend.

The warm dry spell will be in stark contrast to earlier this week where temperatures were as low as 7C and Met Éireann issued Yellow rain and wind warnings as torrential rain and wild gusts of wind hit much of the country.