Prior to every referendum, the Referendum Commission launches a campaign urging people to register to vote.

Ahead of the referendum on the Regulation of Divorce on 24 May, the Commission has, for the first time, launched its campaign outside of Dublin.

Chairperson Ms Justice Tara Burns was in Letterkenny, Co Donegal today, the county which, apart from Dublin Central, recorded the lowest turnout in the last referendum.

The turnout for the blasphemy referendum in Donegal on 26 October last year was 33.68% while in Dublin Central it was 31.75%.

Nationally, the turnout for the referendum which removed blasphemy from the constitution, was just under 44%.

Addressing students and staff at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Judge Burns said it was important for the Commission to come out of Dublin to spread the message that it is important to vote in a referendum because it relates to our fundamental law, the constitution, and only people can change the constitution.

She said that people should first of all check that they are on the electoral register on '' and if they are not on the register then take steps to ensure they are put on the supplemental register for the referendum on 24 May.

If a person who is entitled to vote is not on the register the judge said she or he should download and fill in a form from the website, bring it to a garda station with identification, and then return it to their local authority by 7 May, which is the final date for inclusion on the supplemental register.

The referendum will be held on the same day as the European and local elections and will ask voters to decide on two questions in relation to divorce, the first on the current living apart provision and the second on giving the Oireachtas express power to legislate for the recognition of foreign divorces.